General Questions

All you need to know about EL-Hyper Protector and how to get Support.

After the installation, enter the EL-Hyper Protector front window and press the 'Login as Administrator' button to log into the main controlling window. This requires administrator privilege to log into the main window, and then input your password; but it is unnecessary to input any password if you are using the software first time or if you have not yet set a password. Also, you will see a very beautiful landscape of a peaceful village every time when you press tabs or whenever you open the programme; and the landscape will change according to the seasons and time settings that are in the computer.

You can use EL-Hyper Protector as parental controls, employee monitor, self-monitor and student helper tool.

The completed configuration will be valid to all Windows users in the computer, but you have to log into every user, then restart EL-Hyper Protector (by first pressing "Stop" and then pressing the "Start" button again) and restart the system. Finally, the configuration will take effect for the current user.

EL-Hyper Protector is compatible with all versions of Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. The programme supports all major browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and 360 browsers.

EL-Hyper consist of seven main controls: System Controls, Website Controls, Time Controls, Program Controls, Advanced Controls, Self Controls, and Settings. And, there are many useful options in every controls.

All these can be restrict in 'Advanced Controls' option.

You are required to reboot your computer after some settings that need you to reboot your computer only on the following two cases:
Case 1: If you make changes to some settings of the System Controls option and they were labelled with the icon. However, you also can get the same result by restarting your Explorer from Task Manager without rebooting and this is valid for these functions: Disable 'Run' Dialog Box, Disable Add/Remove Programmes, Disable Remote Desktop and Disable Run as Administrator.
Case 2: If you make change some settings with the Advanced Controls option, specifically in Block/Disable Specific Drivers; but you can also get the same result for these settings by restarting your Explorer from Task Manager without rebooting.
The rest of the settings do not require any rebooting.

Please, uninstall EL-Hyper Protector from the ‘Settings’ option by pressing the 'Uninstall Software' button. It is very important to note that you must uninstall EL-Hyper Protector from this option and you are unable to uninstall from Programmes and Features of the Control Panel.
EL-Hyper Protector is free as an evaluation version for the first 30 days with its fully-functional features, and it will be deactivated automatically on the due date. You can buy a license from EL-Hyper Software and activate your product legitimately.

Other Questions

The answers on most common questions are described bellow.

You can close EL-Hyper Protector just by clicking on the “x” icon at the top right corner of a window. The programme will run in the background if you close the programme during the running state; so EL-Hyper Protector will perform all the functions you set up in the background. The programme will not perform anything in the background if you close it during its stopped (suspended) state; so that programme would be temporally stopped.

There are four options provided in the “Easy One-Click Setting Options” for your convenience, such as, “Set a Perfect Restriction,” “Set a Seamless Restriction,” “Set Restriction by Myself,” and “Cancel All Restrictions.” With these, you can perform configurations only by the one-click options. It is strongly recommended that you use the “Set a Perfect Restriction” if you prefer or are in need of it. “Set a Seamless Restriction” provides even stronger restrictions. The “Set a Restriction by Myself” option is so user-friendly that it will enable you to set restrictions as you like; it allows you to select or deselect the restrictions which you can`t change in the previous options.

The 'Website Controls' option gives you control over the access to websites on your browsers, and this function is supported in major browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and 360 browsers. EL-Hyper Protector prohibits other browsers – except those four browsers – while running; even Microsoft Edge is also restricted. Here, you can set restrictions to websites with two options: 1. Allow only whitelist; 2. Block only blacklist. 'Allow only whitelist' enables you to limit websites within whitelisted websites, so users can visit only those websites which are listed on the whitelist. 'Block only blacklist' enables you to visit any websites, except those blacklisted websites; a blacklist can be website addresses and key words. It is worthy to mention that here you can set time limits for every website.

You can limit your computer and Internet usage time through the time chart in the Time Controls option. The time chart is based on the days of the week and hours of the day. Labels of the days of the week are displayed on the left side of the chart, while the labels of the hours are displayed on the top of the chart. Each hour of the day is represented by one square; so there are 24 squares for one day in total. Note that the blue square, white square and pink square represent, respectively, a blocked hour, an allowed hour and a current hour.

Programme Controls allows you to prohibit the execution of specific window programmes in your computer such as browsers, already installed programs and any other programs. Any *.exe file type can be restricted. Sometimes you are need to block some programmes/applications in your computer so that users cannot run/use these applications after being restricted by you.

The Self Controls option allows you to lock down your own password which has been set for EL-Hyper Protector. It is also called the 'Lock Password' function. You can lock the password of EL-Hyper Protector according to the days of the months of the year, and you cannot log into the main window of EL-Hyper Protector unless your current day matches the 'allowed days', so that you are unable make any modification to the settings in these 'blocked days'. However, you can access the main window of the programme if your current day matches the 'allowed days' and then you can change the settings. The aim of the Self Controls feature is to help you to control your actions over EL-Hyper Protector.

You can set your location or geography in 'Settings' option and this information will appear in the Landscape Window. This configuration will be useful in determining seasons, sunrise time, sunset time, day-length and night-length. Enter the name of your current location to 'Place name' textbox and it can display your current city, county or village, etc. The ‘Place name’ is ‘Washington, D.C.’ by default; please change it to your current location for your convenience. The latitude and longitude values were set for Washington D.C. by default; now, you need to change it to the values of your current location. The latitude and longitude values must be in decimal degree (DD) units and these values are obtainable from any relevant websites. For example, you can check it from or Google Maps; just enter the name of your location and it will give you the latitude and longitude values in decimal degree, or you can decide the exact location on the maps and the map will show the values. Time zone should be the time zone of your current location. It can be retrieved from the Date and Time Settings of your computer in Control Panel. The time zone of Washington, D.C. is configured by default (UTC-5). Change it to your time zone value. Daylight savings time setting is commonly is 0 in value. However, some countries or cities set daylight savings. If this is the case in your location, please set the corresponding value. Press the 'Save Settings' button to save your location configuration and it will take effect as soon as it is saved.

EL-Hyper Protector not only allows users to set a series of robust configurations, but also allows users to save all configurations into a file, so that they can open already-saved files at any time and import all configurations again. This helps users to save themselves considerable time, work and energy. Please use the "Save" and "Open" buttons to perform the above-described actions.